So why, oh, why are the Marines pulling so far out in front of Team Army on the Project Valour-IT fund raiser!? Should I re-post the JumpMaster Dance? Do we need cartoon strippers? What? Maybe I should offer to shave the cartoon heads of Shelle and Greta if you catch Team ARMY up to Team Marine! I’ve got it … I’m going to threaten you with a crude DBS animated message for the fund raiser on behalf of Team ARMY. Watch this space for a YouTube link in the next couple of days. (yes, I’m shameless) ~Damon
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What else is this crazy man up to???

Hi ALCON, I thought you might like to know about something else going on behind the scenes here at DBS central. There’s a combat photographer named Jim Spiri who I’m trying to help send over to Iraq/A-stan by painting a version of one of his photographs. He took a pic of some Marines on a roof top that I thought was rather striking. So I’m do a 3ft by 4ft version of it in acrylic to raffle off for fund raising. Heres a shot from the painting where I’ve started in monochromatic blue in order to work out the light/dark details: bryanpainting1Yeah, that’s my arm you see on the right. My code diva has a few more pics. I’ll see if I can get her to put them up sometime soon so that you can see the progress as it occurs. As they say, “Stay tuned!”
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