And so we continue our peek into just how Santa gets into the worlds hot spots undetected … My favorite E3 is out Christmas shopping. I told him to get me a chemlight battery. Heh. He sends a hearty “thank you” to all your USO folks in our airports! You folks rock. Now here’s a secret, today I’m going to go shop for HouseHold6. Sssssh. She thinks I forgot. I’m not forgetful. I’m just a procrastinator. Heh. What do you think? Pearls for HH6? To wear as she washes dishes ala Leave it to Beaver? Ha! Merry Christmas all. Damon
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A little painting update…

I meant to post this over the Thanksgiving Holiday. Some of you were asking how the painting was coming along. The one to be auctioned for the Jim Spiri fund raiser? You remember. Right? To raise funds to send Jim into theatre as a combat photographer. I’m sure you remember now. So, here’s a detail from the painting just to give you an idea of how its progressing…

detail I took this update picture from my cell phone. Not bad.

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