Have a great Labor Day, ya’ll. Sometime today I’m going to shut down my fund raiser and launch the Soldiers Angels Project ValorIT fund raiser. I’ll post a pic an stuff of what your fund raising has done thus far. You folks donated enough monies to buy a fantastic workstation. Now I can launch into animation thanks to YOU!! Cary Abbott and I are excited to get started on a few animated projects. Check Cary out at GIpictures.com … oh, and we may have a new team member. Its too early to say BUT a certain artist who draws a certain well known Army comic who recently posted one of my toons to his site and who sent a bunch of his fans to my site (surely you know who I’m talking about now?) has expressed interest in animation as well as our projects. Hummm. Could be a powerhouse group!
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DBS Hiatus

Firstly, we’d like to thank you all for your support for the comic thus far.

A few years ago, Damon Shackleford handed DBS over to us because he no longer had the time to give the comic the dedication it needed and deserved.┬áRegretfully, we’re finding ourselves in the same predicament as Damon.

As a company that specializes in products for Soldiers, we took on the project largely as a way of giving back to the military community. Unfortunately due to changes in the business, and a growing number of projects we’re pursuing, we’re unable to continue on with the strip.

Currently, we plan to start putting the comics into rotation, starting at the beginning and going forward.

We may decide to hand the comic over to another artist that shows an interest doing so. If any DBS readers, or friends of DBS fans, have an interest in taking ownership of the project, please contact us at: info@deltabravosierra.com. Otherwise, you can also submit individual comics (drawn by you), if they’re a good fit we’ll post them and give you due credit.

Again, we greatly appreciate your support, and hope to find a solution to get DBS back up and running in the future.
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