A reader points out the last panel should say “Drink oil, Drive on!” .. yah, that woulda been better. What can I say. I missed the obvious. Hah! A few notes today: First – Go check out my friends at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ArmedwithScience … I’m a science geek and I love these shows. If you’re not a science geek don’t worry about it cause the show is aimed at technical level you’ll still “get”. Second – Congratulations to Soldiers Angels Project Valour-IT Team Marines!! They made 113% of their goal. wOOt!!! The few, the LOUD, the MARINES!!!! Course this’ll be reason one hundred thousand and one why Cary Abbot and Hank Salmans can brag about how great the Marines are. That’s ok. I can take it. Besides, it all goes to a very worthy cause so the ultimate winners are our soldiers and the families from ALL branches. Third – Happy Birthday to ME. I’m one freakin year older today. One more year away from ever being able to serve in the Army again … unless … I dunno … any of you National Guard types think I still qualify for an age waiver or something that would allow me to Go Guard??? I just read that if I were to become a Chaplain I could go in up to age 52 even if I had no prior service. However, I do have a little prior service. But, I’m just an artist/scientist. Any room for those? Godspeed, Damon
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What else is this crazy man up to???

Hi ALCON, I thought you might like to know about something else going on behind the scenes here at DBS central. There’s a combat photographer named Jim Spiri who I’m trying to help send over to Iraq/A-stan by painting a version of one of his photographs. He took a pic of some Marines on a roof top that I thought was rather striking. So I’m do a 3ft by 4ft version of it in acrylic to raffle off for fund raising. Heres a shot from the painting where I’ve started in monochromatic blue in order to work out the light/dark details: bryanpainting1Yeah, that’s my arm you see on the right. My code diva has a few more pics. I’ll see if I can get her to put them up sometime soon so that you can see the progress as it occurs. As they say, “Stay tuned!”
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