Just feeling a little slap stick today … For those who need to know: The unofficial EPW often begins with determination of life status by kicking the perp in the nads or maybe flicking an eyeball in order to induce an involuntary bodily reaction. This is what they teach in basic training as the first step in searching a potential enemy prisoner of war who has fallen and may or may not be laying in wait to ambush you. Of course, reality is far from what they teach in basic. I know that goes without saying but you never know who is reading these things. Damon
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A little painting update…

I meant to post this over the Thanksgiving Holiday. Some of you were asking how the painting was coming along. The one to be auctioned for the Jim Spiri fund raiser? You remember. Right? To raise funds to send Jim into theatre as a combat photographer. I’m sure you remember now. So, here’s a detail from the painting just to give you an idea of how its progressing…

detail I took this update picture from my cell phone. Not bad.

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