Wonder if there’s a secret code that would cause the drones to suddenly turn on us? Naw. I did think about this little news item after having heard our drones took out a high value target in Pakistan, yesterday. Strange. The news stations thought it important to tell us that it wasn’t Osama. As if that matters any more? Sure, I’d like to see the guy roasting his own chestnut fire BUT that wouldn’t end terrorist activities and so wouldn’t end any war. Ah, if only life were like the movies and we could knock off one evil emperor. Then. We would have peace in the galaxy once more … … geeez. Where did that come from? Must be the beer I drank last night.
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What else is this crazy man up to???

Hi ALCON, I thought you might like to know about something else going on behind the scenes here at DBS central. There’s a combat photographer named Jim Spiri who I’m trying to help send over to Iraq/A-stan by painting a version of one of his photographs. He took a pic of some Marines on a roof top that I thought was rather striking. So I’m do a 3ft by 4ft version of it in acrylic to raffle off for fund raising. Heres a shot from the painting where I’ve started in monochromatic blue in order to work out the light/dark details: bryanpainting1Yeah, that’s my arm you see on the right. My code diva has a few more pics. I’ll see if I can get her to put them up sometime soon so that you can see the progress as it occurs. As they say, “Stay tuned!”
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