I don’t expect many folk to drop by the site today but for those who do, Happy Thanksgiving. Be sure to take a moment to remember those who are deployed right now. Remember their families also. And then don’t forget the fallen either. My own favorite E5 called to talk to his mom for her birthday, yesterday. It was a perfect gift. Course it was freaking one o’clock O-dark-thirty were he was so by the end of the conversation he was passing out! But he does these thoughtful things. I got to talk to him too. Too bad I can hardly hear over a cell phone. I have old man ears and he has infantry ears. We said “what?” a lot. Or “huh?” a lot more. We won’t get to hear from our favorite E2 as his BCT unit is in the field this week finishing up their final FTX prior to graduation. I imagine he’ll be yanked out of the sack, hauled off to take a shower, change uniforms, forced to eat some yummy DFAC turkey, then hauled back to the field to hang out in the woodline all day with the rest of his E-nothing recruit friends. Heh. BCT. Gotta love it. Some of the rest of the family is scattered abroad but the main core is here. So we’ll raise a glass to those who are not with us, we’ll remember those who went before us, and we’ll pray for those yet to come while remembering the God who makes it all possible. Truly, I have a lot to be thankful for. As if my salvation weren’t enough. May God bless you and yours greatly both now and through out the coming years. Amen. PS: here’s a little something I picked up for you over at BlackFive.net …
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What else is this crazy man up to???

Hi ALCON, I thought you might like to know about something else going on behind the scenes here at DBS central. There’s a combat photographer named Jim Spiri who I’m trying to help send over to Iraq/A-stan by painting a version of one of his photographs. He took a pic of some Marines on a roof top that I thought was rather striking. So I’m do a 3ft by 4ft version of it in acrylic to raffle off for fund raising. Heres a shot from the painting where I’ve started in monochromatic blue in order to work out the light/dark details: bryanpainting1Yeah, that’s my arm you see on the right. My code diva has a few more pics. I’ll see if I can get her to put them up sometime soon so that you can see the progress as it occurs. As they say, “Stay tuned!”
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