The season approaches. We’ll count down the days. But not Army style. Nor senior NCO style. Though there is little difference between the two. ;-) I’m still thinking of having Santa come in HALO. Assuming Rudolf clears Cringle for the jump he’ll have to have some operatives already on the ground. I might have to get those assets moving now. Wonder if I can draw an elf? Damon
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A little painting update…

I meant to post this over the Thanksgiving Holiday. Some of you were asking how the painting was coming along. The one to be auctioned for the Jim Spiri fund raiser? You remember. Right? To raise funds to send Jim into theatre as a combat photographer. I’m sure you remember now. So, here’s a detail from the painting just to give you an idea of how its progressing…

detail I took this update picture from my cell phone. Not bad.

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