A word about the new book

Some of you may be have noted the “BUY NOW” appearing on the right side of the site? Yep, Vol.1 of the Delta Bravo Sierra cartoons is now available through Create Space print on demand (associated with Amazon.com). For you current fans, the book is only 42 pages and chronicles the early stages of the comic. It’s not up to the standard you’re used to seeing on DBS (standards? what’s that?). The images are pixelated. They don’t appear in the archives on this site as I intentionally retired them for purposes of book sales. I’m going to do that with “every” year of DBS comics until I catch up to the current year. That means Vol.2 will be coming out later this year. Vol.2 is where the comic really begins to evolve into the toon you see today. Vol.3 will really start to rock. That’s the one you want, soldier. But you should get 1, 2, and 3 together in order to get the bigger picture. I’m sure some of you will. Now then, IF you decide to buy Vol.1 AND want to have it autographed then please allow several extra weeks for delivery. It’s got to come to my home first (naturally) before it comes to yours. The higher price reflects the extra postage. But not all the extra postage. Here’s another promise from me to you: If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the Vol.1 book when you get it … just send it back to me and I will mail you a full refund! No questions asked. After all, I’m not doing this to get rich and famous. I’m doing a book because you asked for a book. That means if you’re not happy; I’m not happy. Roger that? Lastly, at least for now, when you do purchase this book you will find a discount code inside for Devil Dog Brew coffee. DDB also sells “Sniper’s Brew” if you can’t bring yourself to drink something Marine Corps. branded. Still, it’s a nice discount for DBS fans. If you buy the coffee? Tell ’em DBS sent you!