A year of wars in review

I just found this little article on the strategy page. I usually don’t go there with these folks as they are not exactly known to be the most informed BUT they are interesting every once in a while. Sure, I’d be better off to link up with Small Wars Journal … but this is a comic site. No comes here expecting seriousness. :-)
January 1, 2011: Worldwide violence continues to decline, but most people are unaware of this because the mass media will feature whatever wars and disorder they can find. This is an old journalistic technique, and it’s good for business. But not so helpful if you are trying to keep track of what’s really happening out there. Oddly enough, the most bloody conflicts (like Congo) get the least media coverage. Reporting tends to be distorted by how accessible wars are, as well as how easily your viewers could identify with the combatants. The media also has a hard time keeping score. For years, Iraq was portrayed as a disaster until, suddenly, the enemy was crushed and the war was won. Even that was not considered exciting enough to warrant much attention, and that story is still poorly covered. Same pattern is playing out in Afghanistan, where the defeats of the Taliban, and triumph of the drug gangs, go unreported or distorted. If you step back and take a look at all the wars going on, a more accurate picture emerges
Read the rest: here Enjoy! And welcome to the new year. (remember… don’t believe everything you read and only have of what you see)