About Delta Bravo Sierra


Delta Bravo Sierra was created by Damon Bryan Shackelford in 2007 as a way to give back to the United States Army. Jump forward to today and we are still dedicated to this mission. DBS aims to provide a laugh to members of our Armed Forces and their supporters. Meet the team that brings DBS to life.

The Comic

The strip follows the antics of U.S. Army Soldiers who are currently deployed to Afghanistan. Plots revolve around familiar components of “The Soldiers’ Story” including work, pranks, in-jokes, and love.

Other Media

DBS has been printed in the Fort Lewis Ranger. We are actively working to expand to other post newspapers.

Selected cartoons from Delta Bravo Sierra were featured in a book called The Best of Military Cartoons Volume 1. This book is available for purchase from GiPubs.com.