A little painting update…

I meant to post this over the Thanksgiving Holiday. Some of you were asking how the painting was coming along. The one to be auctioned for the Jim Spiri fund raiser? You remember. Right? To raise funds to send Jim into theatre as a combat photographer. I’m sure you remember now. So, here’s a detail from the painting just to give you an idea of how its progressing…

detail I took this update picture from my cell phone. Not bad.

What else is this crazy man up to???

Hi ALCON, I thought you might like to know about something else going on behind the scenes here at DBS central. There’s a combat photographer named Jim Spiri who I’m trying to help send over to Iraq/A-stan by painting a version of one of his photographs. He took a pic of some Marines on a roof top that I thought was rather striking. So I’m do a 3ft by 4ft version of it in acrylic to raffle off for fund raising. Heres a shot from the painting where I’ve started in monochromatic blue in order to work out the light/dark details: bryanpainting1Yeah, that’s my arm you see on the right. My code diva has a few more pics. I’ll see if I can get her to put them up sometime soon so that you can see the progress as it occurs. As they say, “Stay tuned!”

Rally point anyone??

Hey folks! Guess where I’ll be next weekend? Jenny from “Jenny Spouse” and John Sheppard from “Incoming!” will also be there helping me to represent the miltoon community. The three of us will be three more than has ever been there before. If you are near the area and want to drop by to say hi … please email me or just grab me by the elbow at the event. Can’t wait to get there! Avlflierprf3

DBS Hiatus

Firstly, we’d like to thank you all for your support for the comic thus far.

A few years ago, Damon Shackleford handed DBS over to us because he no longer had the time to give the comic the dedication it needed and deserved. Regretfully, we’re finding ourselves in the same predicament as Damon.

As a company that specializes in products for Soldiers, we took on the project largely as a way of giving back to the military community. Unfortunately due to changes in the business, and a growing number of projects we’re pursuing, we’re unable to continue on with the strip.

Currently, we plan to start putting the comics into rotation, starting at the beginning and going forward.

We may decide to hand the comic over to another artist that shows an interest doing so. If any DBS readers, or friends of DBS fans, have an interest in taking ownership of the project, please contact us at: Otherwise, you can also submit individual comics (drawn by you), if they’re a good fit we’ll post them and give you due credit.

Again, we greatly appreciate your support, and hope to find a solution to get DBS back up and running in the future.

The Future of DBS

Lately, we’ve been under some pretty big time and budget constraints. To help cope with this we’re going to be injecting some of our old favorite strips in between new cartoons to help ease the burden. We hope this will only be a temporary transition until we’re on better footing. We enjoy being able to provide some laughs to the Army community, and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Here are some different options we’re considering to help ease our burden, and possibly offset the cost of hiring a part-time cartoonist.

  1. We could release a DBS ebook that you could buy from us at a very reasonable price.
  2. We are also considering making coffee mugs, t-shirts, or other DBS  merchandise available for purchase.
  3. Community-led DBS: If you the fans would give us ideas for the cartoon we will draw them.  Keep in mind the story needs to fit in 3 small cartoon cells (I’ll tell you from experience, cramming down a story into 3 sentence is the hardest part of making the comic). If you provide us with a cartoon idea that we eventually use we will send you a full color print of the cartoon on cardstock signed by the author.

Please understand we aren’t trying to turn DBS into shopping mall. We’re just looking for a way to keep DBS alive and well, while providing something that you (the fans) will be interested in.

Last but not least, DBS exists because of fans like you. We’re interested in what you have to say. Do any of these ideas sound good to you? If you have any other ideas to help us out, please let us know. Please leave your feedback in the comments section.

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