Call to Arms [a DBS petition]

Hello friends. I hope you have been enjoying the beginning of this 2013 season of DBS toonage. We have surely been having a ton of fun on our end. In this seventh year of DBS we are adopting a new mission to spread the DBS cheer in a bigger and badder way than ever before. We want to see DBS in Army Times.

We need your help to make this happen.

There’s been something missing from the Times ever since PVT (now SGT) Murphy left. Now that Power Point Ranger has been discontinued as well, the pages are looking rather bare.  DBS is all about evoking a smile for those in need. Let’s share some smiles.

To this end I have started a petition. Our attempts to contact the Times thus far have been met with silence. Our hope is that a couple thousand signatures may attract some attention. Please take 15 seconds of your day and sign our petition.

SGT Lucky Needs your help

SGT Lucky is passing out a petition. Will you answer the call?