Hey, someone wanted more bunnies? Ok. Here’s another bunny. Hey, at least we’re not doing porto-let jokes today! And apparently this was lifted from a real conversation. Thanks to my fav E5 for submitting it. Course the names are changed to protect the innocent which does not include the fobbit rabbit sgt. … only Lucky needs protected. Not the other guy. BTW: My favorite E3 got back to Ft.Lost-in-the-woods safe an sound. We had a great Christmas. You know what that kid is thinking? He’s thinking he wants to volunteer to switch from Reserve duty to Active! I’m encouraging it. He originally wanted Active Duty. I’m glad to see now he’s in it that he’s thinking that way again. It ain’t for everybody but I’m convinced it is for him. Apparently so is he. I’m hoping he can make this happen. Cause in addition to the fact that he’d make a good soldier one has to consider the total lack of jobs for a guy his age! Its pretty grim out there these days if you’re just out of high school.
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