So there I was. No shiite. Minding my own business and cruises teh interwebs when suddenly Blackfive.net leads to this sick dude going by the handle “The Sniper”. He had these demotavational posters he’s been putting together from (I assume) personal shots of delta tango’s. The one on the MRE almost made me bust a gut. Pun intended. So I just had to share. I HAD to. I cleared this with HH6 to make sure it was at least PG-13. She said, “Sure. Like Beavis and Butthead.” So I’m posting it. Here’s a larger size for those of you with tired eyes: The man who did this is sick. Twisted. Evil. And dude, anytime you wanna write for Delta Bravo Sierra you just say the word. http://www.thesniper.us will show you more demovational stuff than you’d care to see. It ain’t kid friendly. Gaw, I love a good MRE joke. Damon
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