Welcome to DBS. Home of cheap shots and cheap beer … No, wait. That’s Snipers tag line. Uhm, from the not so pointing end of the sp… no. Can’t use that one either. Belongs to Major Z. Humm. Strange isn’t it? Kinda like Army Strange? I know I had a tag line but I can’t put my finger on it right now. So I don’t know who’s writing these cartoons. Sometimes I think the monkey has a voice of his own. Last week it was Jesus rifles. This week? Don’t ask don’t tell. What next? I’m afraid to ask. Wonder if The Sniper has any new demotivational posters for us? I hear something “explosive” is going on over there. Sicko. Just sit back and enjoy the ride folks cause I don’t know where any of this is going.

At least someone understands me.

Yeah, the wife bought that. I don’t know what she’s getting at. Women. Why don’t they ever tell us what they “really” think? Damon

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