Happy port-o-let day at DBS central!! I don’t know why I keep coming back to the porto-jokes. I just do. Between that and news day on Friday that’s almost half a week of regular programming for DBS. Not bad. In other news, the favorite E3 is about to graduate AIT at Ft.Lost-in-the-woods. So guess where I’m going? Yep. I’m hauling HH6 and the E3’s girlfriend (which is the only reason I or HH6 are invited) half way across the country for an official Army graduation. I’ll driving through rain and snow. Sleet and rain. Rain. Did I mention rain? So it goes. The rest of the week’s cartoon are therefore done. I’ll try to get those scheduled to go up in my absence though I hope to still have some limited internets. Bear with me if there are any technical difficulties while I’m en-route. Thanks! Damon
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