Quick update: Before anyone else jumps on me about my spelling (which really is very, very, very, and very poor) of “looser” vs. “loser” … this is not a misspell. The word “loosers” here is usually seen as lOOser in the urban dictionary “uncombined as a chemical element” meaning those who can’t get a date. It’s right up there with “pi-bonding” as “dating”. “Loser” would have been the correct spelling in street lingo rather than geek speak. Clearly the problem here is not my spelling as much as it is my joke was/is not funny. Bummer. Howdy folks. I’m back from Fort Lost-in-the-woods safe and sound. The E3 is getting his apartment squared away. The rest of the family is relaxing. So I thought I would start our week here with something a little different. More geek humor. A handful of us are trying to slowly form up a  group tentatively called OpforToons (as in opfor = opposing force). The guys over at “Armed with Science” asked us to do a couple of toons for them. That means today you get a couple of lab rats instead of our friendly neighborhood soldiers. Don’t worry. Our regularly scheduled programming will be back tomorrow. To make it up to you I’m stealing one of THE SNIPER‘s famous de-motivational posters: There’s more, of course, over at his site. I really like the DADT posters but I don’t want to steal all his thunder by just posting all his stuff here. Naw. You gotta go get it. Its worth getting. Roger? BTW, Sniper, my latest beer batch was a nut brown ale. HH6 and I love the darker recipes. I think I’ll try a chocolate mocha stout next (using sniper’s brew coffee of course)! Damon
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