Helllooooo… it’s port-o-let wednesday here at DBS central. I know you’ve been anticipating this for a while now. Since last Wednesday even. Wait no more. Can’t you just smell the @#$% baking in the sun? Mmmm. Mmmmm. Good. Course, we always strive for excellence here at DBS so, just so you know, we had some live models pose for today’s comic. Say hello to the deltettes-

Take a bow girls. But don’t let anything spill out as you bend over, k? This is a family site.

In other news, my favorite E3 might be joining us here at DBS. He’s got a pretty good sense of humor (meaning he doesn’t take after me) and needs a job anyway. Being a reservist and having now completed his initial training leaves him wondering what to do next. Since I have a few odd jobs here at DBS that need doing … why not get my favorite private to pitch in? He and I have to work out some details but I just might be introducing him sometime soon. Woot!
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