Oh. My. Word. I have found a new favorite beer. I’m sure many of you have known about this one for a looooong time but I live in the sticks so, no, it’s new to me and you should just let me have my fantasy that it is new to the world as well. Check this out:

OMG!!!I do believe that I’ve never had a smoother stout in my life.

My wife and I like dark beers. The darker the better. In fact, I like a beer you can chew. I got this on a lark for my wife over valentines day. After all. Chocolate is mandatory for the holiday isn’t it? But I honestly wasn’t expecting much. Boy was I surprised. Now I’m hooked. And so is HH6.

So tell me where is this mythical land of Brooklyn so that I may pilgrimage there?

And what epic hero is going to lead me to the land of clone recipes so that I may brew my own???

Uhhhh. I’ll be in my bunk…

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