So what did a misspell this time? How long can I go without a missspell? The world. May never. Know. So thanks to all of you I have a quest for more Stout beers this weekend. I think I’m going to start gathering up the ingredients for a home brew as well. Andy, over on Facebook, linked me up with the Brew Forum of Brew network where they were talking about my fav stout clone recipe. They mention the inclusion of black barley … something I’ve never used in home brew before. I wonder, now, if that’s part of what sets the Brooklyn Chocolate Stout apart?? Aging time is also said to be important here. Any of you had any experience with a good stout recipe?

Perhaps this is from a time when Schlitz was sorta kinda like a real beer?

I guess this is a close as we’re getting to a real beer babe today. Though this does remind me of my mom’s cooking. I was in my twenties before I realized that pork chops were not meant to be served black and curled up like charcoal briquettes.

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