Here. This is for missing last Wednesday port-o-let day… So begins part two of the White House initiative “Operation Just Because” and its’ make over of the military. The current phase is rebranding “teh wahr” in a PR effort to claim success and “send a signal” cause heaven forbid these spineless bastages ever actually say what they mean then act accordingly. No. They have to “send a signal”. Which in my pea brain translates “I’m lying to you because I’m too cowardly to tell you what I’m really going to do”. Trust me. If you hear the words “send a signal” just reach for the KY. It’ll be easier that way. Did I mention that I hate politicians? Almost all politicians? I might have. Let me get back to you on that. In closing just look at the contrast in these two views of the military (the last being how current politicians see things):

This is who you are.

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This is who they want you to be.


(the olympic gold pic was stolen directly from The Sniper whose genius I link to almost daily now)

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