Update on the E3: He’s looking for work in a tough job market. This isn’t going to be fun for him. We talked about his getting involved here but he’s just not the blogging type. I guess that’s true for most young people. He is, however, interested in some behind the scenes stuff. So I’ve asked him to assemble the first ever DBS kindle book. That’s going well. From there we’ll offer a POD book. Likely through amazon. My hope is that even though it won’t be a lot of money for him … it’ll beat waiting tables until he can figure something out via the military (which in my mind is the way to go). Until then, here’s mud in your eye… HH6 found this the other day. Its me at my own BCT graduation getting my first really good look at HH6 in a looong time-

Notice how I just look her in the eye? Yah. Right. SNORT

I’m such a goob.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

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