A DAY FROUGHT WITH DIFFICULTY is still a good day for when you’re OCONUS (with the usual caveats). ————————————– If you’re here this late then you should know that this site was not updated for most of the day owing first to the Verizon outage (nation wide?) THEN my hosting service suspended my account. Why was my account suspended? The only reason I got was in the form of an email:
Hello, Thank you for contacting us. It appears that your account was the target of a very large amount of traffic within a very short period of time causing a spike in load on the server. ¬†Normally a moderate, or even higher, amount of traffic isn’t a bad thing, however when there are scripts using PHP or another scripting language, a very sudden jump in traffic can affect the performance of the server. It should be restored now, however you may want to monitor your traffic using the AWStats or Webalizer links in your cPanel and optimize or cache any scripts you might have for periods of higher traffic if this is to be expected. Best Regards, David D.
Sounds mighty fishy to me. None of my stat counters show ANY spike in my traffic. When AWStats gives me the data dump for the day I’ll check it out for a “spike”. If there’s nothing there then I’m complaining to the management. I’m complaining anyway but the lack of a spike will add to my argument. Nevertheless, when this current contract is up I’m leaving this host (inmotion web hosting in case you’re wondering). Know any good alternatives? ——————————- OH and today’s cartoon? It’s from ThisAintHell and BlackFive (Crush). Not that anyone will even notice today’s toon now that most of the day has slipped past us …
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