Todays comic is apropos of nothing. I’m just trying to get the Village People out of my head from yesterday’s comments! In other news… the E3 told us the other day that he’s seen the paper work that will make him an E4. Woot! Course he’s still dragging his feet on our eBook/kindle and he’s still desperately looking for a job. Its not a good time to be jobless. I’m still looking at all the options you folks gave for alternate web hosting. GoDaddy is looking good to me. I’d even pay them to transfer my site for me so that I don’t screw it up.  That’s assuming it could be more screwed up than InMotion hosting screws it on occasion. OpforToons is coming along. That’s the effort where Pvt.Murphy’s Law, AirForce Blues, and DBS all team up to do animation. We think we have the beginning of a logo. Cary Abbott, rightly, thinks we need to tweak it just a little more BUT because I’m a publicity hog I’m going to prerelease it here for your commentary. Any feedback is welcome:
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