Lots of stuff going on the Army these days. Stars and Stripes (which should be carrying Delta Bravo Sierra!) has a few articles. One related to the above cartoon. Seems office pools are being frowned upon by the DOD this year as regards … March Madness. Just say “no” to betting on the game? Ain’t gonna happen. Even the guys at the top get in on the action to some degree or other. Even if its just to bet a beer. Or gig one another. Come on. You can’t put three colonels in the wood-line with nothing to do for very long before they start throwing pine cones at each other. March Madness is a part of our culture. Can’t ban it. Then there are the much needed changes being made to basic training. As a man who went through Ft.Benning BCT at a *cough* advanced age *cough* I will say I agree with many of the changes. Good on ’em for stepping up. Changing up the fitness regime and dropping bayonet training are fantastic ideas. Now they need to implement some nutritional changes so that the recruits eat like athletes and not Haitians. Iron deficiency is a big deal in BCT. How about every recruit gets a multivitamin issued with every breakfast? That would be a great help. Speaking of help … Military.com emailed me an article this morning from Stripes where someone somewhere is talking about yanking underachievers out of the Army Reserves as a part of its’ own restructuring. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch. I love you guys. Really. But some of you jelly bellies have to go. There’s a certain engineer Col. I can think of right off the bat. Nothing personal. Its’ just business. Heck. I know I don’t belong there either… broke as I am. Then there’s discussion about American Jihadists, health care, and asteroids plummeting toward the earth. So here’s something to lighten your day cause you feel like this:

Oh, too much green beer. Blah.

Then you should know about this:

Now, physician, go heal thy self!!!

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