It’s news day! There really is more news than this one little cartoon blog can cover. But I’ll pitch in none the less. Today’s toon was a little hard to post. No technical difficulties. Nope. Just memories. I remember practically salivating at the chance to go to jump school while I was at Benning. I also remember the torture of laying in my hospital bed in the Martin Army Hospital after Major Hermanau bolted me back together. My hospital bed a had a fantastic view of the base. Captain Starr and I watched the C-130’s pooping out chutes on more than one occasion where he watched to see if he’d get an emergency call from some private burning in and I watched out of jealousy cause even then I knew my time in the Army was done … and I’d never get to go to that school myself. To watch all those men jumping. And I wanted to jump so badly. That was torture. Sometimes it’s hard to cheer on your fellow soldiers when just moments ago you yourself were also in the fight. And you weren’t finished yet. But you have to cheer them on. The fight must be won. So, welcome to my little cheering section called Delta Bravo Sierra. Now go fight. Go ARMY!!!! Ah, memories.

Sis, boom, bah… go ARMY go!!

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