For those of you worried about Lucky … don’t, clearly the CSM can handle him. And clearly, the privates involved really are pretty impervious to correction anyway. Meanwhile, I’m still in the middle of this host/server change. Got the ball rolling with a domain switch. Now I’m downloading and uploading files as well as trying to figure out data base moves. I fully expect to completely crash this site like my dad’s new car after a teenage bender. Any. Minute. Now. So in light of the festivities The Sniper has put his evil genius to work (keeps it in a ruck ya know) in coming up with this little beauty right here. I think this captures the whole process perfectly.

Thanks Sniper! You rock!!!

Genius, I tell ya, shear genius.

This is staying up … for at least as long as the site is on the move. So to speak.

He also has this little beauty up at his own site (along with a few other things, heh):

You know the drill. Go show The Sniper some intranets LUV.

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