Man, I have so many announcements that are NOT April fool’s jokes its not even funny. Let me see if I can bullet list them. Here goes:
  • Thank you to HH6 for all her help during the server move and for sharing her server space with me. Honestly, it occurred to me “why buy another server when she has space she’s not using?” So instead of GoDaddy I’m on HostMonster now. Helps with the home budget.
  • Thank you Scott Newtwon for making the server move possible. Teh kung-fu I/T is strong with this one. Email him at w4csn@embarqmail.com with all your I/T needs. He’s very affordable.  Very easy to get along with too.
  • Welcome aboard Yat Media! They’ve contracted to take on the challenge that is DBS Central for all things military cartoon related. You’ll notice some changes to the web site, FaceBook, and so forth. Its’ them. I’m blessed to have these pro’s onboard. Check ’em out.
  • HH6 has a fantastic interview with Julie Negron of “Jenny Spouse” over on You Served radio/spouse. Julie is hilarious! I truly love her cartoon and I’m not even a mil spouse.
  • I have a voice actor for the First Sergeant in the “Top Rants” cartoon so you’ll get to see one of those animations soon.
  • The eBook is delayed owing to the E3 getting a “day job” (yah! no small feat in this economy) and may be taken over by Yat Media. Don’t expect to see the book soon but do expect my archives will disappear as they begin to appear in book form. I’m looking at full color print as well.
  • I’m essentially finished with the Marine painting for RangerUp!/Jim Spiri. That and a few other back burner projects should free me to do more here as well as in animation. Wheww. I’ll never do another painting that size. It’s been almost a year. That’s too long.
All that and more. You notice the site loads faster? I’m hoping there will be fewer errors now. Wheeewwww! That’s a lot of announcements. And none of them are April fools jokes. But in the spirit of the day…

Can I haz April Foo pic now?

stolen from here

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