Got a not from Mark G. on yesterday’s cartoon. He mentions several senior NCO’s who went on to higher degrees thanks to the Army’s dime. I have to say that I am all for it. It is a proven statistic that those with college degrees (even if they don’t use them) improve their average yearly earnings often more than two times that of a non-degreed individual who leaves the military. So I tell my sons, go ahead and at least try out college. It doesn’t cost you a thing. If you find out its not for you then no problem. All you lost was a little time and you were going to waste that anyway. :-) Today’s toon … whenever the two young privates in the toon speak I can just hear the voices, in my mind, of some of the young teenage men I know. (There’s nothing else in my mind. Plenty of room for voices.) I can just hear them saying things, “like, you know, really? Really dude? Really?” The word “really” seems to have taken on a whole host of meanings these days. Really. FNG (NOT NFG!) = F#@$in New Guy … thus FNG errands = silly things like sending him/her to look for, I don’t know, maybe flightline? Propwash? Testing vehicle armor for soft spots? And the like. (thanks for the correction Sgt.) Oh, and last item. I’m probably the only one on the whole web that missed The Sniper‘s de-motivational posters for the pirate killings over the Easter weekend so here’s one (belated though it is) to give you a taste in case you missed it too:

From teh Sniper on teh internets (haz Tuzday kittah now)

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