Privates are pretty resilient. So I’d say today’s toon is accurate. Speaking of resilient … my favorite E5 had a birthday yesterday! We tried to keep it on the down low owing to his deployment and lack of interest in letting the other people on the FOB or in his platoon know. But wouldn’t you know it. His Grandmother, bless her heart, who even though she was asked to not post anything about his birthday went online to his face book and (likely thinking she was doing a good thing) she went and posted a happy birthday message to his wall. We suspect that from her end it appeared to not be public. After all, she had to click several tabs to get there, right? Grandmothers. Lord love ’em. So, since the cat’s out of the bag anyways … Happy Birthday Sergeant!! On another note, did you know this was going on:

I won’t be there in person but to plan on logging into the live stream on Saturday via YouServed.com (where HH6 also participates!) so hope to see some of you there!!!

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