Oh, the Milblogging conference. It sure would be nice to be there. Why am I not going you might ask? Just can’t afford it. After all, the overhead here at DBS central is just killer. Look at this office space I’m paying for:

Palatial ain’t it? I pay double rent for the option to have this baby as my personal sweet ride. Chauffeur not included.

Then there’s my lovely assistant. This is the only one HH6 would let me hire:

The assistant won’t drive the office but does help me spell check. Explains a lot don’t it?

So I’m saving my dimes to afford the upgrade to this office:

It smells nicer in the spring and I just love the view.

Course I’ve also been made an offer on a sweet gun and this fine hunting dog:

Ol’blue here hunts with the best of ’em. He/she is real good at finding feet. Yours. Mine. Whoever.

Add in a fifth of Jack Daniels and now I’m sure you understand why I just can’t afford the Milblogs this year. Livin’ the DBS lifestyle ain’t cheap.

Love ya. Mean it.

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