Well, its Monday. Here’s today’s cartoon typo’s and all. Today’s toon advances our story yet a little more in that some of you may remember once upon a time it was announced to Lucky’s platoon that they would be relocating to Afghanistan for the remainder of their tour. Then nothing came of it. Then teh surgio was announced. So today we find out their orders were rescinded and they are all going home instead… or ARE they??? Hummmmmmm. And as you all know, you can’t just move things in the Military. There  must be move teams involved. You’ve got to draw down. Oh, and the paper work!  Enough paperwork to choke a horse. —– In other news, the Milblogging conference went off this weekend. I’d like to say a particular congratulations to the guys over at Balckfive.net and CJ at Soldiersperspective.us for winning in their respective categories. And although I didn’t vote for CJ (I voted for a certain Major instead) I have to admit that obviously the best NCO won. Head over to CJ’s blog, buy a RangerUp! t-shirt with his discount code. And tell him “congrats” well done.
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