Happy Friday! What else can I say? GRIM over at BlackFive notes: One Down … two to go, concerning the charges against three Navy special forces officers over the alleged “abuse” of Ahmed Hashim Abed. Oh, and a fan by the name of “case” wrote me a letter yesterday following my anti-earthday cartoon. Here’s a part of it.
I don’t claim to be a hippie earth loving vegan wierdo by any means, but there are some practical sides to some environmental stuff.
Yes, Case. I very much agree. In fact, did you know my very first United States Patent was centered on recycling plastic because I believe in sustaining our environment?
I came to this country from a third world place where the water from the tap wasn’t safe to drink and the air was bad enough to give people lead poisoning (it really was that bad). I would say moving to CONUS , becoming a US Army family(Mom, Dad, and me), and getting our citizenship was really something.
Congrats on getting here, on serving this country, and on becoming the best citizen you can be. People like yourself are fantastic examples of how it should be done right. And I don’t want you to have to go back to that wretched place either. NOR do I want this place to become that. I hate pollution. I hate what our environmental wackos would do to our country. Have you ever been to a location where they “stage” one of their events? I have. It’s disgusting. What they do to the earth where ever they go just makes me nauseous. No. Please don’t get me wrong. Just because I dislike a manufactured “holiday” created by thinly veiled communists who want to worship the earth rather than God who created the earth and whose supporters use it as yet another power grab doesn’t mean I like pollution. On the contrary. I hate pollution. Nor do I think you were implying that I do like pollution. I’m just pointing out my grounds for opposition to earthday as well as to agree with you that there are some good things about environmental stuff. As a Christian I believe I have been mandated by the word of God to be a good steward over this earth. To tend it. To keep it clean. To help it to prosper and grow. It should be a garden full of cleanness and life IF I’ve done my job properly. (Obviously the Department of Homeland Security will be locking me up as an extremist in 5,4,3,2 …) So, thanks for the note Case. Write again any time. God bless you and your family. We’re proud to have you here! Damon
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