Here’s the beginning of a series that I thought was … well … well done. Tim Sisson brought this to my attention. It deals with some pretty sensitive subjects in a very even way. Something I don’t do over here at slap stick central.

Click on the strip to begin reading at the start of this particular storyline.

Now, I’m not a Doonesbury fan. Never have been. He’s a much better artist than I but I’ve never been into his style nor do I care for the hippie look (his signature caricature) he puts on all the soldiers. BUT he is highly skilled in the craft. And he supports the regular joe. Or joey as the case may be. This part of the series is a good example.

This little sub-story on the soldiers doesn’t go on for very long before it wraps up nicely. Then the typical story picks right back up. Don’t be offended. It’s not as if we don’t know what to expect from the regular story line.

My own take home from the sub-story? As a leader I should realize that even though I’m trying to do the right thing in taking care of “joe” … “joe” may not see it that way based on his or her past experiences. So I need to be open to input and not think that I’m somehow all-knowing or that I’ll look “weak” by asking others opinions or advice prior to taking action on non-urgent/non-immediate items. AND there are lots of sources out there available to help the soldiers. Use ’em.

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