Happy port-o-let day! Also known as Wednesday in civilized parts of the country. But we’re not IN civilized parts of the country here at DBS central … are we? In local news today, some of you may have noticed that we’ve been picked up by the Mudville Gazette. Right? Well guess what. Yat media has been at it again. We’re now front and center on Soldiers Angels web site! Woot! So, to any of you who may not have been here before: 1.My archives are a mess. If you go back in time to read earlier comics you will be frustrated. I’m working on it. 2. Every Wednesday is port-o-let day. It’s better than burn pit duty. Get used to it. 3. If you’re a civilian then there’s lots of jargon here you will not understand. If you’re prior service then there’s not much jargon here but I do often draw the flag patch backwards. It’s a mistake when I do it. My apologies up front. 4. I misspell lots of words lots of times. You’ll find spelling errors in just about every comic. It’s almost become part of the schtick. 5. I’m retelling YOUR stories, soldier, so make ’em good. 6. I’m sure the regulars will have something to add to this list so I’m stopping now …
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