Dang, looks like Monkey didn’t take last weeks smack very well. Had a few too many banana daiquiris and now these pictures come out. Not looking good for the party Monkey. The photograph from the center panel was sent to me by Blake (LaughingWolf) of Blackfive.net … he spotted it somewhere on line and said it just reminded him of Monkey for one reason or another. Now, I’m sure the search terms “monkey” AND “bikini” are purely innocent on Blake’s part. You know. Anyone could be searching those terms just out of pure chance. Happens all the time. Certainly that’s true for the State Department. So I says to myself, “self? What could we do with this picture of Blake’s?” And self said, “we could introduce a crisis point for monkey with it in the story. Monkey blackmail.” Then self said,”ok, but can we back handedly drag Blake into it as well”? And self said, “You already have …”. At which point I was medicated and put back into to my little I-love-me room by the attendants. Here they come now. See ya. PS: I tried Blakes search with “safe search” on (wouldn’t want HH6 to shoot me or anything) and here’s what I get… Google, image search, “monkey”+”bikini”=

And …

You’re a sick monkey, Blake. But I have to admit. Banana split came to mind when I saw this one… jus sayin.
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