And DBS WINS!! A little friendly competition over the weekend entailed FaceBook, Devil Dog Brew, and you. Who could stay ahead to hit the 1k fan mark on FaceBook. Turns out it was DBS. The toon hit a little over 1k fans just after midnight last night. Woot!! I, for one, am going to celebrate by drinking my most favorite coffee in the whole wide world. Devil Dog Brew!! This is the latest flavor to be monkey tested and monkey approved at DBS central: This image was stolen from the Food Network because I couldn’t find the Devil Dog Brew label image online. BUT it’s Banana Foster flavor. And it is goooooOOOOOOoooood! I really don’t like flavored coffees. My dad absolutely hates flavored coffees (girly coffee he calls it). I caught my dad hanging around the coffee pot this weekend drinking the Banana Foster Devil Dog Brew coffee like it was freaking kool-aid or something. So, my first and only sample bag is gone. Long gone. Hey, Hank. Hook me up again will ya? Thanks Bro! Now … as for the FaceBook Fans … Some one has won a gift from the DBS Zazzle store. Now who could it be? Hummmm…….
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