For those who don’t know … Mark Baker was one of the inspirations for me to start Delta Bravo Sierra. His Pvt. Murphy series is a classic that you should check out at www.pvtmurphy.com , AND I sell his t-shirts through the RangerUp ad at the bottom left of my page (I don’t make any money off of that), AND today’s toon is running on HIS site as well!!! He was very gracious to let his character do a cameo over here. Go on over and tell him I said hi. If you’re coming from his site to mine  please drop a comment here. He asked that I let him know if any traffic comes my way from his place. How will I know you’re from there if you don’t comment? Other than site meter that is. Besides, the DBS fans are friendly. Mostly they don’t bite. You’ll like ’em. I know I do. So here’s to you Mark!
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