It would appear that ARMY is marginally in the lead on the Soldiers Angels Project Valour-IT fund raiser. At least that’s true as of 0556. But you never can tell what those Marines are going to do next so keep a weather eye out and be ready to give the signal in case of yet another assault. If you have a blog or know somebody who blogs … send ’em over to Soldiers Angels Valour-IT and have ’em join up with team ARMY. It’s never too late to spread the word and participate! Now, as for today’s miltoon, I just couldn’t help myself. I had to insert some gallows humor in the last panel based on a young soldier’s misconception of how the world works. Cause if joe ain’t thinking about women then joe is in serious shiite. This is my way of letting you know joe’s brain is still working. Or, in this case, Matt (since not all joes are named joe).
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