Today’s toon is just a reminder that even when this gets serious … its still just a comic. Anything can happen. Besides, Halloween is coming and talking computers are at the top of the geek phobia list. Right, Hal? So, you’ve had an entire week of Soldiers Angels Project Valour-IT programming here at DBS central. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. I sincerely hope that I’ve been able to inspire some of you to become involved in the fund raiser. I’ll never really know. On one hand the internet is great for reaching a larger audience. On the other hand it becomes harder to quantify measurable impact beyond what some site tracker can provide. So here’s to you! Have a great weekend and don’t forget that the Valour-IT fund raiser will continue next week. Meanwhile DBS will begin to bring back some of it’s regularly scheduled programming. Godspeed! ps- You can look up the meaning of CIF on my Army Dictionary page if you have to.
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