Yes, I know. Yes, I know the General’s words are out of context. I’ve heard the talking heads and the oh-so-enlightened crowd go through more mental gyrations than a pole dancer this weekend in order to justify protecting the guilty while ignoring the innocent. There is no context, there is no nuance, there is no circumstance that will EVER make the good General’s words or the like to be correct. And if I hear one … just one … more person say that the “real” victims here are the American Muslims I will punch them squarely in the face. For if one thing has been proven to me this weekend it is that we are no longer civilized. Such perversions of justice and logic as I have witnessed from our leaders and commoners since the massacre at Ft.Hood belong only in a barbaric society. And now … I’m just steaming mad … How many have to die before THEY are counted as the greatest loss??? If you want to help the REAL victims of the Ft.Hood massacre then go to Soldier’s Angels or some other nonprofit organization which is set to and already is … HELPING …
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