And now for something we hope you’ll REALLY like … Test in quicktime … (hint, you have to click the link) hope this works! This is a line test I did for a project. DO NOT HOT LINK IT and please don’t steal it. The character belongs to Mark Baker and is copyrighted. And if he asks me to take it down later today I will. Mark Baker (Private Murphy), Austin May (Farva of AirForce Blues), Cary Abbott (GIfilms/OpforMedia), and Hank Salmans (Devil Dog Brew) as well as Me are concocting an animated project for your entertainment. We’re calling our group “OpforToons”. The script and storyboard are in process right now. While that’s going on I’m tooling around in the animation software putting together little things like this so as to test out the equipment. Frankly, I didn’t have anybody’s permission to leak this out to you. I’m worse than the Pentagon. So if the guys get mad at me and I take down the link … just for the record, it wasn’t me. It was … ALIENS! Oh snap. ~Damon
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