I thought about having him say “monkey-up” or “ape-up” but, eh, somedays ya jus gets what ya gets. Turns out the boy is going to be E3 after all. Guess the JROTC did pay off. Graduation is this morning. He already feels better. Did you know Ft.Jackson graduates several companies at once!? Like to the tune of six or so? Holy cats I would not want to live on that base with that massive influx of families every graduation cycle. No way. I like the way Ft.Benning did it much better. Kept things managable at Ft.B by sticking Sandhill on the other side of base AND graduating only one or two companies at a time. Oh, and let the families go off base on family day. That’s something else Ft.Jackson did differently. Jackson makes the soldiers and their families stay on post for family day. That’s another reason not to live there as far as I’m concerned. ~Damon
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