Today’s toon is brought to you by Timothy Sisson. I’ve changed his idea slightly. Probably made it less funny knowing me. Oh, and I shamelessly traced the outline of the jet liner in the final panel. I’m such a low life. Thank you for stopping by yesterday when I took part in the milblog silence. I wanted to warn you guys but OPSEC and all. You know. I’m not sure how much of this will help CJ G now and the frontline milbloggers in general. My own E5 left a note on yesterdays post reminding us just how much he was edited in theatre once certain people found out he blogged. I personally know of several Army bloggers (one an officer) whose blogging, facebook, and twittering were shut down by their chain of command. But its such a mixed bag. It all depends on the individuals involved. You might through luck of the draw end up with a chain of command that encourages your writing. It’s just so unpredictable.
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