So, here we are. Santa’s about to enter theatre. I’ve tried out yet another style in drawing today’s toon. At first I liked it. But then after it took forever, and ever, and ever to finish I decided it was too much work and looks too much like I did a bad job tracing a photo. Which I didn’t. This is all original though I did look at source material. There’s a difference between looking and tracing. The style I did like was from yesterday and Monday. I thought those turned out pretty good. They were also faster. When I do these things at 0430 every morning … speed counts. (Someday I’m going to have to work far enough ahead to take a day off.) For those who commented yesterday: I did get to do a little Christmas shopping. I’ll finish it up today. HH6 will be happy. I think. The crowds weren’t bad. The traffic was awful. And I think I got a ticket from one of those photo-ticket red lights. The light was a little ripe when I went through it. meh. Thanks for all the advice yesterday! Damon
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