And now back to our regular program. CJ’s back. A few things have changed. We’ll explore that this week. Mainly that the FOB is becoming more and more like a garrison which brings with it a certain level of less than useful time fillers for the troops… or so I’m told. Glad you liked Santa week. It was a fun break in the story line. Clearly Santa made it in and out of country with no mishap. Someday, maybe next year, we’ll explore that more. You guys had a lot of great ideas for how Santa could do what he does. Too bad we couldn’t have an entire strip dedicated to a North Pole Recon team, eh? Well, Christmas here at DBS central was excellent. A good time was had by all. All the family with the exception of the deployed E5 got to be here. Sounds like you and yours did alright as well. That makes me happy. As if it were all about me, eh? Oh, and the best Christmas present? Knowing that God is in control. Why? Because our DHS folks have reassured us that the system is working. If the system is dumb luck coupled with you and I being courageous beyond what the law allows then … yah, the system worked. BUT now our fearless DHS leader is saying the system failed. So which is it? Bah. I say God’s system is the only one that works. Go on over to This Aint’ Hell to read up on what I’m talking about. Something about exploding planes and stuff. In the meantime I’m putting a little painting update below. Check it out. Damon
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