Eh, I don’t like the middle panel on today’s strip but the day job calls so I have to go. I’ll see about fixing that middle panel later. In the meantime, CJ is convinced the world is upside down if Lucky can be an E5. You know, of course, CJ won’t take this. He’ll do something drastic. Thanks for the comments yesterday. And Jim, thanks for the Mauldin links. I had forgotten those two jokes were out there. Just as well. I might have stole them if I knew of ’em. Heh. PAT – Thanks for getting me back on man. Here’s something you and maybe a few of the others might be interested in. Its called the Image Feed Widget. I use it to show you AirForceBlues in my sidebar but you could use it to safely show this comic or any image feeding RSS. If JennySpouse has thunbnails enabled I’ll probably use it to show her comic here too. Check it out. Damon
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