One of you made a special request for this one. Given all the support you guys have provided visa vie the book, the computer virus, and just all round goodness I’m going to do my best to honor a few of the requests that are coming my way. Saying something about the SSG is easy. I think the Burn Pit got it right. And the SSG has my full support. Which, for now, appears to be pretty dang limited. I mean can you imagine? Here’s some dude drawing a comic he’s never heard of and offering some sort of nebulous support that the SSG probably doesn’t even need since it appears that he’s pretty resilient, honorable, and even keeled. Still, for what it’s worth. If this comic ever gets to him and he has need of anything I can provide … I’m there. ~DBS BTW, Here’s the link to the Burn Pit. Follow it.
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