Another Painting Update…

For those who are interested in how the painting for Jim Spiri is coming along … I got tired of seeing all the white canvas so I began blocking in the major color zones. In addition to that I’ve essentially finished the individual portraits of the Marines themselves and am now concentrating on their uniforms. The figures ought to be complete in their entirety sometime this week. That means all that will be left to do is to complete that wretched block wall behind them! Yah! Picture 001 This thing is several feet high and even more feet wide. Its been fun but its taken too long owing to the size. I don’t think I’ll be doing another large work for a while. I guess it will be ready for eBay soon. Course I’m only assuming that will be the vehicle for sales. I do know it will be auctioned. I hope the bidding goes well. I’d really like to contribute to sending Jim over seas.
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