Bye Bye, Thanks for Playing

Some of you asked me to leave or approve the haters comments. No can do. There are non-coms in the line of fire when I do that. So I keep the turds tamped down. Besides, most of them just drop a troll note then move on. What’s the point in giving them press? I just saw the news over on that TSO is heading to the ‘stan. Oh. Wow. I can’t wait to read his AAR on the Legion site. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then next time you pop a squat you should head over to just to cruise the headlines. Good stuff. While I’m plugging sites… don’t forget to check out which is home to some good info and run by one damn fine soldier (who also has good taste in women and art). Oh, and today’s toon- what can I say. It’s not like he and the duck actually got to spend anytime together yet. So just exactly what “we” could she be talking about? Enjoy. ~DBS
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