Christmas Memory Degeneration

Animals. ALL the enlisted in this cartoon are just such animals. On a serious note: I’ve gotten a few requests for a signed print of last friday’s comic “Fade To Black”. If you would like a signed copy for yourself then just drop me an email containing the address where you would like the print mailed too and I’ll see if I can get it out over the next week or so. Mails backed up this time of year so I wouldn’t expect it before Christmas or anything. How much will it cost you? Nothing. Just drop a copper or two into the artists “donate” account if you like. Update: Due to overwhelming demand and the shortness of my own bank account I’m going to have to ask that you cover the cost of your own postage, please. Just drop 0.25 cents or so in the artists “donate” account. The button appears below his ugly picture. Any amount beyond postage is appreciated. I don’t do this comic to make money. I do it to tell your story in a fresh way. Fan base, radio check, over? ~DBS
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