Cook With The Wounded at Landstuhl

I am remiss in not having put this up earlier…
Pasadena, CA (PRWEB) January 12, 2010 — The first team to travel to Landstuhl as part of Cooking with the Wounded is making preparations for their trip, and Soldiers’ Angels is asking for your help. The team from the Yellow Bowl Bakery in Lafayette, Indiana, has been busy raising money locally and planning their menu and options to do a dessert bar at the USO Warrior Center. There will be other activities and food as well, to complement what they are doing. <Link to Press Release
And a link back to BlackFive as well <Here> where Blake has this to say,”I know times are tight and the economy frankly bites.  Yet and still, I hope you can find it to donate even a dollar.  Everything we can get will help, and each trip also not only allows a good meal, but it also provides the chance to stock the wounded warrior barracks there with food for after the event.” Really, there are so many good causes right now that I sometimes don’t know which way to turn. There’s the legal fee’s for CJ, then there is the case with the Navy Seals, and all sorts of thing going on through Soldiers Angels … all while many of us are becoming unemployed. But if we keep our heads on I’m sure we can get through it all and even help each other out along the way. I’ll try to keep you laughing. You try to help our Soldiers. We’ll make it work together. Deal? Damon
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