Frago – fragmentary order, a sort of a part of a not quite but good enough to get you moving order from someone who either doesn’t have the time or (possibly) the inclination to issue a full Op order (operational order that usually includes a mind numbing mission brief). Can be used as a heads up. Can also be used as an added thought, last minute addition, or indication of a changed mind regarding previously issued orders. Is often, if not always, the ringmaster of Army operations. And clown cars. Let’s not forget clown cars. Why am I blathering on about this? Because, frago issued from Delta Bravo Sierra central: Allcon, unclassified, no restrictions, message follows, Delta Bravo Sierra has a 98% probability of moving from three updates per week to ONE over the summer months. This is, coincidentally, the number of times per week DBS is printed in area news papers (such as the Ft.Lewis Ranger). There are a lot of reasons for this change in update frequency. I won’t list them here. I’m posting this from work and am probably already in trouble for it. When will this change go into effect? The end of May. Unless something drastic changes between now and then. When will updates (new cartoons) pick up again? The beginning of September if all goes well. I’ll post this to facebook later. I’ll also answer any questions you may have on this issues (and others) if you post your questions as comments to this post. Thanks for your understanding in this.
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