From the Front, 04-15-10, by David Marron

In today’s From the Front: (Click on link to read stories highlighted below) This post is courtesy of The Thunder Run An html version is at the bottom of the email for those of you who wish to post this round-up on your own blog. Dispatches: Bouhammer: What about our soldiers, don’t they deserve recognition Afghanistan My Last Tour: Mujahedeen Revisited al Sahwa: COIN: Art & Culture Katherine Tiedemann: Daily brief: Pakistani Senate passes constitutional reforms At War: Leaving the Korangal Valley IraqPundit: More Friendly Chats Iraq The Model: Terrorist Plot to Attack Najaf Shrine With Hijacked Airliners? Sgt. Danger: Profile – Thacker Bill Roggio: US strike kills 4 in Taliban stronghold of North Waziristan Loving A Soldier Blog: Letting it out… Mike Francis, The Oregonian: A crescendo on suicide Ramblings from a painter: A Little More Cheer, Please LTC Rich Phillips: Sights and Sounds of Bagram Airbase Army Blogger Wife: Deployment Question #6–Is there a wrong time to call? 270 Days in Afghanistan: The Medium Tactical Vehicle (International Truck) Victor Davis Hanson: So What Happened to Iraq? Unambiguously Ambidextrous: This Is Why The Media Can’t Be Trusted To Cover Afghanistan Terry Glavin: Heads Should Roll Counter Insurgency Center: POPULATION CENTRIC COIN: ARE WE DOING IT? UNA MOORE: Kabul Nightlife, Not All Bombs and Illegal Booze Neptunus Lex: Censorship This Ain’t Hell: Pentagon to chase tail for Potok News from the Home Front: More troops in Afghanistan than Iraq in June Civilian trial for 9/11 suspects not ruled out, Holder says Army Releases March Suicide Data News from the Front: Iraq: Allawi’s party courts Iranian support Two Baghdad assassinations raise fears of violent political vacuum Iraq’s Ayad Allawi warns of sectarian war, says U.S. must aid reconciliation Security Forces Help Promote Iraqi Community Policing Training a Friendly Force of Iraqi Police Deployed Couple Says ‘I Do’ – Again Afghanistan: Military airstrike killed 45 civilians, Pakistan admits Karzai Brother Mends Ties With US Servicemembers teach Afghans the ways of small-town government Car Bomb Hits Hotel in Southern Afghanistan U.S. doubles anti-Taliban special forces American troops pull out of Korengal Valley as strategy shifts U.S. retreat from Afghan valley marks recognition of blunder ISAF Commander Patrols with Czech PRT Farah Governor & ISAF Forces Celebrate the Opening of a Refurbished Orphanage Soldiers Aid People of Gormach Soldiers’ Morale on Camp Spann Deployed Dragon Lady Swoops in Low for a Closer Look at Counterinsurgency IJC Operational Update, April 15 Marines pay Afghan farmers to destroy opium Taliban claim victory after US leaves ‘Valley of Death’ Civilian bomb injuries soar in south Afghanistan US signals new pragmatism with Afghanistan’s Karzai UK parties criticized for ignoring Afghan war in election campaigns A Tale of Soldiers and a School The Thunder Run’sFrom the Front is a daily series that highlights news and personal dispatched from the front and the home front.
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