From the Front, 04-19-2010 by David Marron

Check it out … In today’s From the Front: (Click on link to read stories highlighted below) This post is courtesy of The Thunder Run Dispatches: A Major’s Perspective: Groundhog Day A.L.L.: The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan Afghanistan My Last Tour: Air Force Band of Brothers Afghanistan My Last Tour: Leaving Afghanistan, Parting pictures Army Blogger Wife: Block Leave Plans Army Blogger Wife: Deployment Question #8–Does he want to go? Awful, Beautiful Life: The End CI-Roller Dude: Good care packages…. Ssg B: Summer Showdown Headhunter: SITREP 20100415 The semi-normal, day-to-day life of a female marine: Individual Ready Reserve Muster Free Range International: April Fools Family Matters Blog: Elmo Talks About Grief to Help Children Cope From My Position… On the way!: Mike Yon has gone Nanners Bruce R: Latest accusations followup Helmand Blog – Afghanistan: 11 EOD Medal Parade in Didcot Helmand Blog – Afghanistan: Volcanic ash delays 1 Scots soldiers’ homecoming Insight of the Moment: Kakistocracy (look it up) IraqPundit: Cinderella Story Omar at Iraq The Model: Government Formation–Nationalism vs. Regional Agendas The Kitchen Dispatch: Taking Out The Big Red Pen: Michael Yon Knottie’s Niche: Dear Michael Life as an Army Duck: A thoughtful ramble Bill Roggio: Top al Qaeda leader linked to 5 Americans on trial in Pakistan Lt Col P: Korengal, et al. Ramblings from a painter: Into the Home Stretch Nathan Hamm: These Stereotypes Brought To You By Reuters Marine Wife: PCS? What PCS? Terry Glavin: Naming Names: Tehran’s Operation In Toronto And Its “Anti-War” Friends The Unknown Soldiers: Our towns David Axe: Recalling the Battle of Chora, Part One War, the military, COIN and stuff: Armor and Counterinsurgency Nathan Hodge: Contractors in the Crosshairs, in Washington and Afghanistan Katherine Tiedemann: Daily brief: 4 blasts batter NW Pakistan Uncle Jimbo: Michael Yon wake up call The Armorer: I likes me some Michael Yon News from the Home Front: Statement by Secretary Robert M. Gates Good news for disabled veteran golfers DOD Announces Recruiting and Retention Numbers for March 2010 Dueling views on robotic drones meet in Hood River Sen. Lieberman ‘Startled’ by Pentagon’s Failure to Mention ‘Islamic Terrorism’ In Report on Ft. Hood Massacre News from the Front: Iraq: Baghdad: The Traffic Is Murder Zac Brown Band Misses Academy of County Music Awards for USO Tour Secret prison revealed in Baghdad People No Longer Fleeing Homes In Iraq Violence highlights fears of Iraqi security forces taking over after U.S. leaves PM Says 2 Top al-Qaida in Iraq Figures Killed Iraq’s Maliki makes case for holding on to post Withdrawal from Iraq on track Afghanistan: Midwives Deliver Hope for Afghan Women IJC Operational Update, April 19 “I Just Graduated Yesterday and Now I’m in the Middle of a War!” Paktika Provincial Reconstruction Team Works to Improve Life in Eastern Afghanistan Strengthening the Rule of Law in Afghanistan Key to success lies with Afghan officials coming through Quake Hits Central Afghanistan, At Least 7 Killed Italian medics accused of bomb plot are freed Italy: Afghanistan Frees 3 Italian Aid Workers Karzai’s rants for half-brother not against Obama American Aid Official Visits Kandahar After Attacks on Contractors Taliban’s supreme leader signals willingness to talk peace 2 suicide bombers kill at least 40 at Pakistani refugee camp 2 Bombs Hit Northwestern Pakistani City; 22 Dead Court action to prevent UK complicity in Afghan torture Taliban say Afghan buildup under way 29 Taliban die in north Afghanistan fighting No talks with US, say Taliban At least 7 killed, 30 injured after magnitude 5.3 earthquake hits northern Afghanistan Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan claims responsibility for Kohat car bomb attack NATO oil tanker blown up in Pakistan The Thunder Run’sFrom the Front is a daily series that highlights news and personal dispatched from the front and the home front.
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