From the Front, 04-21-2010 by David Marron

In today’s From the Front: (Click on link to read stories highlighted below) This post is courtesy of The Thunder Run Dispatches: 270 Days in Afghanistan: Supporting the Fight A Major’s Perspective: First 100 days A World Away: Celebration will provide overdue recognition al Sahwa: Global Engagement Directorate: Islamic Extremism Katherine Tiedemann: Daily brief: Afghan peace jirga delayed Katherine Tiedemann: Daily brief: Kandahar deputy mayor killed C. J. Chivers: Putting Taliban Sniper Fire in Context the semi-normal, day-to-day life of a female marine: Do I miss it? Helmand Blog – Afghanistan: Camp Bastion Water Bottling Plant Saving Lives Family Matters Blog: School Resource Benefits Military Families Bruce R: The phrase “stick a fork in it” comes to mind IraqPundit: Iraqis Predict Bad Days Ahead Kaboom: Kaboom goes Kerplunk Life as an Army Duck: I don’t know you love me unless you say it. Bill Roggio: Iraqi forces kill al Qaeda’s top military commander in the north Bill Roggio: US withdrawal from Korengal Valley a ‘Taliban propaganda coup’ Mike Francis, The Oregonian: Oregon’s soldiers begin to scatter Michael J. Totten: Lobbying for the Impossible Guest Post: The Darkest Side of Kabul’s Restaurant Raids The Unknown Soldiers: Flags of the fallen Kim Zetter: U.S. Soldier on 2007 Apache Attack: What I Saw Helmand Blog – Afghanistan: Welsh snipers show courage and constraint The Captain’s Journal: Capturing Insights from Firefights to Improve Training Jules Crittenden: Re: The Length Of Yon’s … Er … Experience Soldiers’ Angels Germany: The True Heart of the American Soldier My American-Iraq Life: Jesse Huff’s Brother: Satisfied with the Treatment Jesse Received from the VA News from the Home Front: Critics of Starbase program gain traction Surrender now – the army’s no place for you, Private Single-Mum Gates proposes 1 agency to control military exports SWAGs bare all to help war heroes Veteran’s brother: Suicide not VA’s fault News from the Front: Iraq: Turkmen Shi’a Visit Sultan Saqi Shrine Court-Martial of Navy SEAL Opens in Iraq Al Qaeda in Iraq loses 3rd operative Leading Coalition In Iraq Election Backs Recount Wider Recount of Iraq Ballots Is Requested by Vote Leader Afghanistan: The Mumleys in Afghanistan Pipes Playing in Afghanistan ISAF Leadership in West Changes Analyzing the Fight Pakistan military fails to woo tribal allies under grip of Taleban Farewell to Korengal Afghanistan Sees Great White Hope In Marble Sector NATO Backs Down on ‘Insurgent’ Claim in Shooting Dispute Flares After NATO Convoy Kills 4 in Afghanistan Taliban No. 2 Interrogations Yield Useful Intel – U.S. A Killing Further Erodes Afghan Faith in Leaders US soldiers wounded in Afghanistan sent to Iraq for medical care UK soldier wounded in Afghanistan flown to US for treatment Fall River soldier, 20, dies in Afghanistan 12 girl students ‘poisoned’ in Afghanistan Terrorised by Taliban tribals scoff Pak Army’s ‘war is over’ claims Registration of thousands of candidates for election begins Led by UN, donors meet to strengthen Farah province More minesweepers for Afghanistan Afghan war is unwinnable and we should not be there, say voters The Thunder Run’s From the Front is a daily series that highlights news and personal dispatched from the front and the home front. The Thunder Run’sFrom the Front is a daily series that highlights news and personal dispatched from the front and the home front.
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